Specialty Solutions

Pyramid Vehicular Repeater

Post the 2013 FCC mandated transition to Narrowband, we have seen an increase of coverage issues, particularly in the VHF frequency band, commonly used by first responders of all walks of life including Fire and Law Enforcement. We were approached by a County Sheriff's Office who was looking for an easy to implement and cost effective solution to assist in aiding their shrunken portable coverage problem.

We evaluated at all aspects of their current system from adding pre-amplifiers on their mountain top repeater receivers to changing out mobile car antennas for those with additional gain. In the end, all parties agreed that the Pyramid Vehicular Repeater was the best method. The Pyramid offers a simple solution by connecting to the existing mobile radio in the patrol cars. The portable radios communicate with the Pyramid Vehicular Repeater which repeats everything the mobile radio hears. In effect, it makes the portable radio carried by emergency personnel as effective as the higher powered mobile radios installed in the police cruisers. We installed the initial batch of seven vehicular repeaters and the customer couldn't be more pleased with their performance. Sheriff's Deputies in this county now have portable coverage where they never had it before.

Call Spectrum Communications today for your Pyramid Vehicular repeater demo. All of our technicians are Pyramid Certified to ensure that your product will work properly from the time it is installed. We have a demo model setup and ready to go. Just provide your frequencies and we'll make sure your portable units are heard loud and clear.  

Transportable Repeater

Following the 2013 fire season, we were approached by a local municipality looking for a portable radio repeater that could be deployed in an emergency situation to assist emergency personnel with portable radio communications. The solution needed to be light and most importantly easy to setup. The repeater needed to be able to run off of a vehicle or customer supplied battery bank. The customer also wanted the receiver and transmitter of this repeater to be mobile radios so that in case a mobile radio went down in the field, they could borrow one out of the repeater while the radio was repaired.

Using a simple Repeater Controller, we made all of the necessary connections to two Kenwood mobile radios to enable them to be utilized as a repeater. We supplied two different power cables which enabled the repeater to be powered by clamping to a vehicle’s battery or connecting to a battery bank. We also supplied an antenna, tripod and 25’ of coax. All parts but the antenna and tripod are stored conveniently in the portable case making a nice compact package. Connections are made on the outside of the case, allowing the front and rear covers to be on the case during operation. This also keeps water and dust out of the sensitive electronics.