Site Services

Spectrum Communications has years of experience in Communication Site Construction and Maintenance. In all stages of construction from original ground grading to excavation, concrete work and tower erection. We are equipped to build your communications site from the ground up. Whether on a remote mountain top or in town, choose Spectrum Communications for tower and site construction. 

Spectrum Communications also offers Preventative Maintenance Services on an annual or semi-annual basis. We will test your antenna and coax as well as transmitters and receivers of your mountain top communication sites. By having these services performed, it ensures that your equipment is operating to its fullest potential and will help to prevent critical downtime when you need your communication system the most.

Have a site that you believe isn't operating to its fullest potential? Call Spectrum Communications for a full site evaluation. With years of experience in Antenna and Coax Replacement, Duplexer Tuning, Repeater Transmitter and Receiver Alignment, Spectrum Communications can get your site up and operational.