Radio Models

We have in stock Mobile and Portable Radio Models from Kenwood. Models that are budget friendly and feature P25, DMR and NEXEDGE Digital capabilities are available. 

Harris Communications offers hardened systems and subscriber units utilized by US Military forces as well as public safety agencies. Harris is the first to offer a LTE FirstNet-ready portable radio. 

Tait Communications offers mission critical communication solutions for public safety professionals. Tait also offers a unique Simulcast technology that is unmatched in the industry. 

Hytera offers portable and mobile two-way radio models operating in analog, DMR and TETRA digital modes and offers Pseudo Trunking which turns a simple digital repeater in a basic trunked radio system. 

Vertex Standard has been well known in the two-way industry for decades. Offering Analog and DMR Digital options, we also stock common parts and accessories for this line of two-way radio products. 

BK Technologies, formerly Relm Wireless and Bendix-King feature portable and mobile two-way radio models that are most popular amongst Wildland Firefighting agencies across the U.S. 

Codan Radio Communications recently acquired Daniels Electronics and features specialty Repeater solutions that have very low power draw for alternatively powered communication sites. 

Ritron offers several specialty products for schools, golf courses and other markets. All equipment is manufactured right here in the USA.