Emergency Vehicle Upfits

Are this an accurate representation of your emergency vehicle console interiors?

Have you had a small fire in an emergency vehicle due to sloppy craftsmanship?

Are your emergency vehicle constantly suffering from dead batteries?

Do not settle for the competition when you are depending on your emergency vehicle!

Spectrum Communications, Inc. is your one stop shop for your new emergency equipment installation.   With experience installing a range of different brands of warning equipment, choose Spectrum Communications, Inc. for your full vehicle upfit.   

All exterior wiring is loomed and protected so that you can depend on your emergency equipment to get you to the scene in all kinds of weather. We research your accessories to make sure that they are fused and wired correctly, the first time. Please call today for more information or for a quote on your next emergency equipment installation.

This utility vehicle upfit was completed for a hospital district. This Chevrolet Tahoe was purchased by the district and the following equipment was installed recently by our technicians: 

LED Lightbar 

LED Strobe Lights in front grille 

LED Strobe Lights on front quarter panel 

LED Deck Light in rear window 

Shoreline Connection with interior outlet box 

LED Hide-aways in rear tailights tied into backup light circuit with external flasher module 

Re-used siren and siren speakers mounted in front bumper 

VHF digital capable mobile radio  

Cell Signal Amplifier

This Security Patrol vehicle was recently completed by our technicians. Installed equipment includes: 

LED Mini-Lightbar  

LED Arrow bar in rear window  

Electronic Air Horn, PA and speaker mounted in grille  

VHF Remote Mount Mobile radio  

Electronic switching system powering all devices including interfacing momentary contact closure to airhorn  

Ram Laptop Stand  

12VDC to 110VAC Inverter for Laptop Charger  

Additional Antennae for on campus WI-FI and MiFi box

This Fire Department Command Vehicle was recently completed by our technicians. Installed equipment includes: 

LED Surface Mount Strobes in Grille and on Front Quarter Panels and Rear Tailgate 

Full-Size LED Lightbar 

Siren and Siren Speaker mounted in grille 

VHF analog mobile radio