Cellular Amplifiers

Spectrum Communications offers Wilson Cellular Amplifiers. In the age of Cellular Communications, the Columbia Basin challenges cellular companies with its vast areas of limited towers. We offer Cellular Signal booster devices to enhance your cellular coverage.

Whether in a mobile or base environment call Spectrum Communications today and speak with our knowledgeable staff to help you enhance the cellular coverage in your environment.  

 This customer found that inside of his onion packing house, the cell coverage was poor at best. Calls were being dropped, text messages were being sent and received unreliably and data was being transferred slowly. 

We located a high-gain external antenna on the side of the building and pointed it in the direction of the nearest cell tower. 

An internal antenna was located approximately 20' up the inside of the wall of the onion shed. The antenna was located upside down so wireless signals could be radiated out to employees and managers down on the floor. 

 The booster itself was located on the inside wall of the shed, below the internal antenna. This particular model of booster features adjustable gain for both 3G and Edge wireless carrier signals.

After the installation was completed, the signal level was drastically increased in the building. Calls, text messages and data became more reliable. The booster made all the difference in the world and could do the same for you! 

Here, a Wilson Cellular Signal booster is mounted in the rear patient compartment of an Ambulance. This booster provides enhanced cellular signal to EMTs and Medics so that they may call ahead to the awaiting hospital. 

We located a roof mounted cellular antenna on the cab of the ambulance at the request of the customer. An interior antenna was installed in the rear of the ambulance near the front of the patient compartment. The customer noticed an increase in celluar signal within the ambulance which allowed his staff to make potentially life saving phone calls.